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30 Dec 2019

Clean Beauty Recap 2019

A beautiful new hair care brand in the webshop, the introduction of the Bathroom Shelfies, interviews with our founders and a BEAUTSY baby on the way: 2019 was a fantastic year. Time for a clean beauty recap 2019.

Why clean beauty? 

If you have not noticed: clean beauty is the new standard. What clean beauty is? Skin care, body care and hair care that are free from ingredients that we call bullshit ingredients. Free from ingredients such as mineral oil, alcohol, synthetic perfume, preservatives like sulfates and parabens and chemical UV filters that damage your skin, body, hair and our planet. Take a look at the back of the products on your bathroom cabinet: bet the labels are full of incomprehensible ingredients! By the way, clean beauty is not synonymous for natural beauty products. As synthetic ingredients can be harmless and durable. Although many of our products are 100% natural.

Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs all these ingredients, which enter the bloodstream and can cause unpleasant effects. Acne can develop, your pores become clogged, your oxygen circulation is blocked or worse, you develop an allergy. A big no no! BEAUTSY makes sure to screen all products thoroughly on the label and the actual content. Oh, and none of our products are tested on animals. Because yeah, that's clean too. 

Want to read more about ingredients in cosmetics? Take a look here 

©Robin Huisman

Switch to a clean beautyroutine 

But how do you switch from your everyday skincare routine to a clean beauty routine? We're not a fan of waste, so first make up what's left. After that it's time for the big switch. Start with a deodorant and sunscreen, before slowly replacing your other products. Be patient! It's going to take some time before you've found a product that will make you happy and your body happy. Wanna know more? We’ll explain step by step.

Did you think clean beauty was expensive? You'll get these goodies for €30 or less 

Bathroom Shelfies

Nothing more fun than peeking into another beauty's bathroom cabinet, right? That's why we decided to create a new category last September: the Bathroom Shelfies. We will take a look at the bathroom of a well-known influencer who not only shares her beauty ritual with us, but also reveals her favourite products and secrets. In the first editions: Carola, Anouk and Robin. And in January there will be another one, so stay tuned!

©Kim Erich

Meet the Founder

A month later, we started another great project: the Meet the Founder series. In this project we go into depth with one of our founders who are behind the thirteen beautiful brands we represent. We kicked off with Rachel Winard from Soapwalla and continued with Anna Ayers from RAHUA, the latest addition to the BEAUTSY webshop and the only hair care brand that we fully support.

Top picks for every season

The condition of your skin changes with the seasons. You may need a lighter serum in summer than in winter, when your skin is crying out for extra hydration. That's why BEAUTSY has selected five favourite products every quarter that are perfectly suited to the season. Read here what you need in winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Would you like to know more about clean beauty and everything that goes with it? The (correct) washing of your face, how to keep your tan, what is the difference between vegan and cruelty free or between a moisturizer and a serum or how to tackle those dry lips? You can read it all on our blog.

Thank you for a wonderful year!

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