Looking for the best natural or vegan lip balm without vaseline, petroleum, perfume, mineral oil or other chemicals? You can find it at BEAUTSY. We're still looking for a natural lipstick, but this lip balm by Girl Smells is available in four colors!

Hynt Beauty
ARIA PURE Lipstick
in stock
A luxurious, soft texture in two incredibly beautiful shades: this Hynt lipstick is plant-based, GMO-free, and boosts your lip hydration by 25%. Woah!

There is a lot of discussion about lip balm in the beauty world. Is it or isn't it good to take care of dry lips? The answer is this: if you use a lip balm that contains harmful substances such as alcohol, vaseline or petroleum, your lips will only dry out more. That's why lip balms like Labello are so addictive: by disrupting the moisture balance of your lips, you tend to use it more often and your lips can become dependent on it. BEAUTSY thinks you should only choose a variant that is natural. We are still looking for a beautiful, natural lipstick, but in the meantime we have this good lip balm by Girl Smells for you. You don't get those ugly, white lips, but they give them a subtle color. What color that is, is up to you! We have four in stock for you: a pink one (N3), a red one (N4), a nude color (N5) and a deep red color (N11). In addition, the Tinted Nourishing Lip Balm is completely vegan and has no odors or flavors. The natural ingredients protect against dehydration and ensure full, beautiful lips thanks to fine additives such as jojoba oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter.