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Pregnant? Then it's best to have some red stripes on your belly and skin. Stretch marks, that's what we call them. A pregnancy oil or belly oil cannot prevent stretch marks, but it can definitely reduce them. BEAUTSY has fine products on a natural basis. Also for your baby!

Resilience Body Oil
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Treat your body! Soapwalla's Resilience Body Oil contains a blend of ingredients that nourishes, moisturizes and soothes signs of stretch marks. Chamomile, calendula, arnica and lavender are starring in this body oil.

A pregnant belly and body needs just that little extra care, because during (or after) the pregnancy there can be quite a few stretch marks: on your buttocks, belly or breasts. What to do about stretch marks? Fortunately, you can treat stretch marks well, with an belly oil or stretch mark cream. Soapwalla’s Pregnant Belly Oil is our ultimate treatment for stretch marks. The pregnancy oil contains a mixture of oils including chamomile, calendula, arnica and lavender that nourish and moisturize the skin and help prevent stretch marks. The ingredients reduce redness and soothe the senses. The perfect massage oil for new scar tissue such as stretch marks, but also for old scars! Is your baby born and are you looking for a mild soap without perfume that baby's sensitive skin can withstand? Soapwalla's Lavender & French Clay soap bar is designed to thoroughly clean and soothe the most sensitive baby skin. A perfume-free soap that smells like lavender and thanks to this fine ingredient, the skin is re-balanced. French green clay provides a subtle way for healthy and happy skin. The best belly oil or baby soap without perfume and sls on a natural basis? You can find it at BEAUTSY!