Toners & Mists

Is a toner already part of your beauty ritual? A toner is similar to a face mist spray: a wonderfully refreshing substance for your face. And a must-have to bring with you on an airplane! At BEAUTSY you'll find toners without alcohol or perfume. Because we don't do bullshit ingredients.

Agent Nateur
Holi (Trinity) Travel Size Box Set
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The Holi Trinity is the 3 step regime for a radiant skin of Agent Nateur, consisting of the Holi (Water), Holi (C) and Holi (Oil). Now available in travel size!
Agent Nateur
Holi (Water) Pearl and Rose Hyaluronic Toner
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A toner that exfoliates, moisturizes, cleanses and makes your skin super soft: that's what the Holi (Water) Pearl and Rose Hyaluronic Toner by Agent Nateur promises. For that ultimate va-va-voom glow.

'If you have a makeup remover and a cleanser, why would you buy a toner?', we hear you thinking. Yet a toner has an indispensable function - BEAUTSY will be happy to explain the meaning of this fine spray to you. A toner is used to remove the remains of your make-up, to refresh and moisturize your skin, but above all to restore the skin balance of your face. If you keep it in the fridge, a facial spray can really give your skin a boost. Especially in the summer, during hot summer days, it's a must-have! Which toner or face mist suits you, depends on your skin type. For a normal skin we recommend Plant Apothecary's face mist. Linné BotanicalsNectar Organics and Merme Berlin are super sweet for the sensitive skin. Soapwalla has three: one for dry skin, one for oily skin and one for a blemished skin. There's one for everybody! Bonus: because the bottles are no larger than 100 ml, they are also allowed on the plane. At BEAUTSY you'll find natural toners & face mists, without any bullshit ingredients.