Are you allergic to perfume? Then you are probably allergic to synthetic perfume. The difference between natural and synthetic perfume in cosmetics is explained below. Our favorite perfume on a natural basis? That's the signature scent of RAHUA, a clean beauty brand straight from the jungle.

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'Scent' means nothing less than a substance that gives off a strong, recognisable odour. Perfume is made either from natural fragrances or synthetic fragrances - or a combination of the two. Natural perfume is made from ingredients from plant or animal sources, which means that these kinds of perfumes often have a high price tag. Synthetic substances in perfume are much cheaper and are made from mineral oil through a chemical process. Synthetic perfume is not dangerous, but it can cause a perfume allergy. A bottle of synthetic perfume can contain a mix of up to 4000 different ingredients, most of which are not good for you or nature. BEAUTSY screens all products thoroughly on the label and its actual content. RAHUA is one of our newer brands, a clean beauty brand straight from the Amazon jungle. The signature scent is palo santo, known as 'sacred wood' and has been loved by Amazonian shamans for years for its spiritual, purifying properties. This handy roller can go straight into your bag and provides an uplifting energy boost with a hint of citrus and gardenia flower. Use the roller ball to apply a small amount of the oil on the wrists, the temple, the inside of your elbows and knee cavities.