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Do you have dry, very dry or extremely dry skin? Then your body is crying out for a moisturizer and other products that suit a dry skin type. But on a natural basis! BEAUTSY is your starting point: from body lotion to hand cream for extremely dry hands.

Hydrating Hand Cream
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Girl Smells Hydrating Hand Cream makes sure your hands get the right care. The hand cream is soft, provides a subtle shine and cares. Thank you, on behalf of your hands!
Body Oil
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All the goodness of the Amazon forest captured in a glass bottle. Rahua's lightweight Body Oil hydrates, softens and pampers your skin. The body oil is packed with fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins for beautiful, radiant skin.
Agent Nateur
Holi (Body) Ageless Body Serum
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Hallelujah! The Holi (Body) Ageless Body Serum by Agent Nateur not only smells heavenly, it gives your skin a subtle glow, hydrates and contains an anti-cellulite formula. This product helps to reduce small signs of cellulite.
Resilience Body Oil
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Treat your body! Soapwalla's Resilience Body Oil contains a blend of ingredients that nourishes, moisturizes and soothes signs of stretch marks. Chamomile, calendula, arnica and lavender are starring in this body oil.
Almond Luxe Body Polish
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The Almond Luxe Body Polish by Soapwalla is a true gem for the shower. It is a subtle scrub made from almond oil, a hint of cardamom and organic sugar and is extra sweet for dry areas such as elbows and knees.

Dry skin is as annoying as oily skin. Just like oily skin, dry skin has lost its natural ability to function properly and can therefore feel tense, itchy, rough and tight. Dry skin can also look irritated, scaly or red. Especially the winter can be a cause of dry or even dehydrated skin, but also during pregnancy your skin can become dry. What to do against dry skin? There is really only one solution: moisturize! Your dry skin needs extra nutrition if you want to move from dull to radiant skin. If you have dry skin on your legs, the key is to apply body lotion to your body after showering. We have four for you: from Merme Berlin, Agent Nateur and Soapwalla, who also has one especially for the pregnant belly. Oh, and speaking of showering: Soapwalla's Lavender & French Clay Soap bar is specially designed for dry skin, just like the almond scrub from the same series. Are you looking for a cream to combat dry skin on your hands? The one by Girl Smells is your best friend.