Don't you want to see any more aluminium in deodorant? High five! Not only does Soapwalla have two types of deodorant creams, the vegan brand from New York has many more beautiful beauty products, such as a facial serum and body oil. BEAUTSY is one of Soapwalla's proud sales points in the Netherlands!

Concentrated Repair Balm
Article code BALM
Soapwalla's Concentrated Repair Balm is your very best friend when it comes to rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin. You can also use it on dry cuticles, hands or lips. Exactly how you like it.
Lavender & French Clay Soap Bar
Article code SBLAV
Let's get soapy! Dive into the bath or shower with Soapwalla's Lavender & French Clay Soap Bar. This soap bar is designed to thoroughly clean and soothe even the most sensitive skin - including baby's sensitive skin.
Restorative Face Serum
Article code RFS1
Soapwalla's Restorative Face Serum is a true friend to everyone. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin, refines the pores and helps protect the skin's natural hydration balance.
Almond Luxe Body Polish
Article code ALBP8
€39,00 €15,60
The Almond Luxe Body Polish by Soapwalla is a true gem for the shower. It is a subtle scrub made from almond oil, a hint of cardamom and organic sugar and is extra sweet for dry areas such as elbows and knees.
Recover Indulgent Bath Soaking Salts
Article code BSLE8
€12,75 €5,10
Soapwalla's Recover Indulgent Bath Soaking Salts screams to take a bath with you. You don't have to leave the house to visit a spa, as you can just do it in your own bathroom. This bath salt soothes tired muscles and reduces pain.
Lemongrass & Green Tea Soap Bar
Article code SBLGGT
Let's get soapy! Dive into the bath or shower with Soapwalla's Lemon Grass & Green Tea Soap Bar. Green tea is the showpiece of this soap bar - this ensures that the skin is intensely but very subtly cleaned.
Essential Facial Toning Mist
Article code ESST4
€39,50 €15,80
The multitasking Essential Facial Toning Mist is the hero from your bathroom cabinet. It refines skin texture, deeply hydrates and purifies pores. In addition, the aloe vera gel minimizes skin redness and irritation.
Cardamom Ginger Soap Bar
Article code SBCARD
Let's get soapy! Dive into the bath or shower with Soapwalla's Cardamom & Ginger Soap Bar. This soap bar is designed to clean and soothe even the most sensitive skin. The freshly grated ginger provides a sweet, spicy fragrance.
Almond Oil & Oats Soap Bar
Article code SBALMOAT
Let's get soapy! Dive into the bath or shower with Soapwalla's Almond Oil & Oats Soap Bar. The almond oil softens and nourishes the skin. The oatmeal provides a cleansing effect that even the most sensitive skin types like.
Luxurious Body Oil
Article code LBO4
Soapwalla's Luxurious Body Oil is bursting with fine, natural ingredients. It contains jojoba, sunflower oil, grape seed oil and rice bran. This body oil helps your skin intensely hydrate and nourish where necessary.
Comfort Hand & Body Wash
Article code HBWAG8
Treat yourself! Pamper your skin with Soapwalla's Comfort Hand & Body Wash every time you wash. It cleanses the skin without causing irritation. The almond and ginger make sure your skin is nourished and given the care it needs. 
Lip Balm Citrus Ginger
Article code LLCG15
You can put Soapwalla's Lip Balm Citrus Ginger right into your pocket. It offers the perfect care by the Fair Trade and USDA certified organic ingredients.

Soapwalla is a natural and vegan skincare brand from the heart of New York, founded by Rachel Winard. She was looking for products for her sensitive skin. One evening at her kitchen table, she decided to take matters into her own hands. That's why you can be confident that all products are pure, effective and reliable. Rachel is working together with small businesses and farms to get the highest possible quality of ingredients for her products. Only a small stock is made of each product, so that the quality is guaranteed. The most popular product is the vegan and organic deodorant cream, which has been made into a classic variant and one for sensitive skin. It may be a strange idea to apply deodorant in the form of a cream under your armpit, but it's much more effective than a roller and therefore lasts much longer. In addition to the deodorant cream, BEAUTSY also offers soap bars for a lovely shower. You'd rather take a bath? Then choose one of the two types of bath salts. You can scrub with the luxurious body polish, which smells like almond. For your daily facial care, choose the Restorative Face Serum, and for makeup removal the face mists and toners. Last but not least, there Soapwalla's body oil (plus one especially for pregnant belly's) and a essential lip balm for everyday use.