Do you have a dry face, chapped or even dehydrated skin? Then your skin is crying out for a moisturizer. We have three for you, by Nectar Organics: extra sweet for sensitive and dry skin.

Nectar Organics
Under Eye Boost Treatment
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Short night? The Under Eye Boost Treatment serum from Nectar is the hero in your bathroom cabinet. The serum is packed with vitamin C, which not only reduces the dark circles under your eyes, but also improves the texture of your skin.
Nectar Organics
Intense Hydration Moisturizer
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The Intense Hydration Moisturizer by Nectar is the answer to (extreme) dry skin. The cream nourishes the skin intensely and thanks to a mix of botanical oils, macadamia and shea butter. It supports the health of the skin from the inside out.
Nectar Organics
Lightweight Hydration Moisturizer
Article code 4053951448373
Light it up! The Nectar Lightweight Hydration Moisturizer is ideal for dry skin. This cream feels slightly lighter on the skin than the Intense Hydration Moisturizer, which is intended for very to extremely dry skin.

What exactly is a moisturizer? The meaning of moisturizer comes from the word 'moist'. A moisturizing cream, therefore, is especially made for a dry skin. A moisturizer should not be confused with a day cream. A day cream is a cream that you use daily to nourish your skin and protect it from external influences. A moisturizer is a lighter type of cream, which you don't necessarily use every day, but mostly for the drier spots on your face. If you have extremely dry skin, you can of course use a moisturizer every day. The best moisturizer is one without bullshit ingredients, says BEAUTSY. Without oil, perfume and alcohol for example. Nectar Organics is one of those brands that only puts the purest ingredients in its moisturizers. Choose either for the Lightweight Hydration Moisturizer or the Intense Hydration Moisturizer. They both do exactly the same thing, but one feels a little lighter and the other a little thicker. These two also work well for those with sensitive skin. Had a short night? Then the Under Eye Boost Treatment is the hero in your bathroom cabinet.