Makeup Remover

Are you too tired in the evening to remove your mascara or cleanse your eyes? Ai... that's really bad for your lashes and your skin! This eye makeup remover from Nectar Organics is for everyone, even for those with sensitive skin.

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Air pollution exposes your skin to all kinds of harmful substances and free radicals during the day. These radicals break down collagen in your skin, the fibre that keeps your skin elastic and not saggy. At night, your skin recovers and renews itself - if you don't remove your makeup, this recovery process will be stopped. Mascara doesn't do that necessarily, but it can leave you with broken lashes if you leave mascara on at night. If you do use makeup remover but the kind that contains all kinds of chemicals like alcohol and parabens, you'll still be using all kinds of rubbish on your skin. Not good for your skin! Removing eye make-up is therefore best done with a natural makeup remover. According to us, the best natural makeup remover is one by Nectar Organics. The oil-free Gentle Eye Makeup Remover does exactly what the name says: it's sweet for your eyes. It softens and cleans at the same time thanks to the jojoba. It is a lightweight product that is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The moisturizing remover removes all makeup, just the way you want it. Apply one pump to a cotton pad and then gently massage over a closed eyelid and lashes.