Exfoliators & Scrubs

A facial scrub or exfoliator is like a spa day for your face: it removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin silky smooth. A natural scrub at BEAUTSY means: without oil, perfume, parabens, perfume and alcohol. These ingredients don't do anything good at all for your skin.

Plant Apothecary
Rice & Clean Gentle Facial Cleanser
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The Rice & Clean Gentle Facial Cleanser is the star chef in your bathroom cabinet, but in powder form. The main ingredient of this cleanser is rice bran, the secret from Japan for a soft, supple and pure skin.
Shea Butter, Tangerine & Clay Soap Bar
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Let's get soapy! Dive into the bath or shower with Soapwalla's Shea Butter, Tangerine & Clay Soap Bar. This soapbar is designed to clean and nourish sensitive skin without leaving a layer behind.
Linné Botanicals
Scrub Exfoliating Face Mask
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The Linné Botanicals Scrub is the key to success if you want to unclog your pores and renew your skin. In addition, the ingredients ensure that the production of collagen is stimulated and given a helping hand.

What exactly is scrubbing? What is the meaning of an exfoliator and what is the difference between exfoliating and facial peeling? And where can I buy the best scrub? Well, at BEAUTSY! But first, let's tell you a little more about scrubbing. A scrub consists of exfoliating salt: small or coarse grains of salt with which you can rub off the dead skin cells of your skin. This makes your skin smooth and shiny again. With a peeling or exfoliant you use an acid in which the dead skin cells are not removed from your skin, but are loosened from the skin. Because peeling is often a chemical process, BEAUTSY only offers face scrubs. Linné Botanicals's scrub is the key to success if you want to unclog your pores and renew your skin. Is your skin oily of blemished, then the Shea Butter or the Almond Oil Soap Bars from Soapwalla works best as a facial scrub. Do you have sensitive skin? Choose the Lemongrass & Green Tea Soap Bar by Soapwalla or the Rice & Clean scrub from Plant Apothecary. How often you have to scrub your skin? We recommend a maximum of once a week. At BEAUTSY you'll find exfoliators and scrubs without bullshit ingredients.