Most people already use a deodorant without aluminium chloride. It would be even better if you used a deodorant without perfume, alcohol, parabens and sodium bicarbonate. Deodorant brands like Agent Nateur, Girls Smells and Soapwalla Kitchen promise the best natural deodorant, packed as a roller, stick or cream.

Agent Nateur
Holi (Stick) N3 Deodorant
The organic Holi (stick) N3 deodorant is not only given a luxurious look, it smells good and does exactly what it is supposed to do: protect you from perspiration and associated odors. Winner of the Glamour Beauty Awards 2016.
Agent Nateur
Holi (Man) N5 Deodorant
For your sweetheart, father, brother or grandfather, give him this natural deodorant as a gift. The Holi (Man) N5 deodorant not only looks luxurious, it also smells delicious: like roses, sandalwood, citrus and cedarwood.
Girl Smells
Underarm Detox Mask
Ready to detox? The Girl Smells Underarm Detox Mask is perfect to give your armpits a hygienic boost. It will feel like a spa day, thanks to the clay in combination with soothing aloe vera. Happy armpits!
Agent Nateur
Holi (Rose) N4 Deodorant
A rose garden under your armpits! Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose have joined forces to develop a sensual and exotic deodorant. The Holi (Rose) N4 is not only given a luxurious look, it also smells delicious.
Girl Smells
Grapefruit Roll-On Deodorant
Yes, now you're ready to go out! All Girls Smells fragrances are subtle and refreshing. This deodorant is known for its active formula (no odors, just the right ones) and does not feel sticky.
Agent Nateur
Holi (Stick) Sensitive Deodorant
This Holi (stick) deodorant is not only given a luxurious look, it is also extremely sweet for sensitive skin and protects you against perspiration. The deodorant contains a subtle blend of wood, jasmine, bergamot and sandalwood.

Anti-transpirant deodorant's generally contain aluminium chloride: a substance that is resistant to sweating, so it causes the skin to dry out. But is it healthy that we deliberately clog our glands so that we don't sweat anymore? Aluminium in deodorant was examined, with shocking results: aluminium is said to be carcinogenic and to incite Alzheimer's disease. Studies contradict each other, but BEAUTSY prefers not to take any risks. A good deodorant is not only one without aluminium, but also without perfume and alcohol. Now you can ask yourself: how can an aluminium-free deodorant and on a natural basis help against sweating? Agent Nateur has the answer: baking soda! Baking soda doesn't clog the skin and doesn't stop the natural sweat process, but you won't smell anymore. All deodorants by Agent Nateur are the best deodorants against sweat! Do you prefer a roller deodorant instead of a stick? Then choose Girl Smells. It also has a mask to give your armpits a hygienic boost! Finally, if you want to use a deodorant cream, Soapwalla is your best friend. Want to switch to a good, organic deodorant? Start at BEAUTSY!