Makeup Brushes

Do you have sensitive skin or do you think it's important that your makeup brush is made of natural materials? With these makeup brushes by Hynt Beauty, you're in the right place. Use for foundation, bronzer, blush, concealer and more!

Hynt Beauty
Air Blender Brush
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This soft, round brush is perfect for applying make-up or blending. The Air Blender Brush can be used for liquid, powder or coloured make-up. Made of exclusive synthetic Japanese Taklon and sustainable wood.
Hynt Beauty
Concealer Brush
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The Hynt Concealer Brush is a flexible brush with a round nose. This allows you to cover even the smallest corners with concealer. Made of exclusive synthetic Japanese Taklon and sustainable wood.

If you're a vegan and don't want to use any products from animals, like to live sustainably or get an allergic reaction quickly because you have sensitive skin, it's better to go as naturally as possible when it comes to makeup. And that applies not only to the cosmetics itself, but also to the tools! In terms of its makeup brushes, Hynt Beauty only works with taklon and durable wood. Taklon is a synthetic thread from Japan, a natural, vegan and allergy-free alternative than the animal hairs usually found in a makeup brush. Taklon makeup brushes are also more hygienic than real hair brushes, because in real hair powder, dead skin cells and bacteria are left behind. The Air Blender is a soft, round brush that is perfect for applying makeup or blending. It can be used as a foundation brush (also for liquid foundation), powder brush, bronze brush, contour brush or blush brush. Looking for a concealer brush? The Concealer Brush by the same brand is a flexible brush with a round nose, allowing you to cover even the smallest corners. PS: you can also use it as an eye shadow brush. Both brushes have long handles (15-16 cm) made of durable wood and nickel-plated brass rings.