Inner Beauty

Real beauty comes from the inside. Healthy, radiant skin is not only created with fine ointments, but also from within. With powerful powders, that you add to your smoothie or juice in the morning. Do you already know our Inner beauty products?

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Inner beauty: what does that really mean? Inner beauty means that real beauty does not come from ointments, but from the inside. Being kind to yourself and to someone else, spreading positivity, being helpful or radiating with self-confidence. Nothing beats a woman who walks the streets confidently, right? But just like with creams and serums, you can also work on your inner beauty, to boost your skin health from the inside out. For example, by meditating, even if it's only 10 minutes a day. Just turn off your TV and phone, focus on your breath to return to yourself. Sleeping is also very important: listen to your body and take all the rest you need. But also taking supplements and vitamins can give your health just the boost you need to get through the day full of power. The Holi (Youth) The Ocean Adaptogen by Agent Nateur offers you all the good things from the ocean and has a calming effect not only on the hormones, but also on your mind. A powerful powder bursting with medicinal herbs and good ingredients by Mother Nature, as an extra to put in your morning smoothie or juice. Tip from BEAUTSY: you can als use this as a facial mask!