Night Care

Our skin cells renew at night, which is why it is impossible to imagine our bathroom cabinet without a night cream these days. This Nectar night cream is the star in our range: one without perfume, alcohol, parabens or silicone. And that's why BEAUTSY loves it!

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A good night cream has a moisturizing and nourishing effect. There are roughly three types of night creams: there are regenerating creams, that accelerate cell production (which takes place at night), ideal if you have a short night ahead of you. Also, there are restorative night creams, that tackle the effects of UV radiation. Last but not least, you have night creams for aging skin, the ones with anti-wrinkle formulas. The purpose of a night cream is to hydrate the skin and to support the production of elastin and collagen. But what is a good night cream for you? Whether you have an oily skin, dry skin of combination skin: according to BEAUTSY the Night Repair by Nectar Organics is the best natural night cream for everyone. This organic cream is pure and natural, with no bullshit ingredients such as perfume, alcohol, parabens en silicones. The formula not only helps to combat the first signs of skin aging, but also helps to soften and restructure the skin. Thanks to the shea and cocoa butter, the Night Repair works as an intense conditioner, but for your skin. Tip: Do not use night cream until after (thorough) cleansing of your face! You can also use it in combination with your favorite serum.