Serums & Oils

A serum or facial oil is a beauty product that you apply to your face after cleansing and before applying your day cream. Because a facial oil often contains powerful ingredients, it is important that it does not contain any bullshit: a serum without perfume, parabens, silicones and alcohol.

Le Prunier
Plum Beauty Oil
In need of a boost? The Plum Beauty Oil from Le Prunier upgrades your skin, hair and body. Thanks to the anti-aging and multifunctional ingredients, your hair and skin are nourished and refreshed.
Linné Botanicals
Balance Face Oil
Balance is key! The Balance Face Oil by Linne Botanicals is a friend for every skin type. The ingredients are known to help regulate the oil production of the skin. It also unblocks pores and reduces impurities.
Agent Nateur
Holi (C) Youth Skin Refining Face Vitamines
Oops, need some help? The Holi (C) vitamin powder ensures that the traces of your short nights are erased. The formula lightens fine lines, reduces scars and gives your skin a vitamin boost.
Hynt Beauty
Skin Prep Serum Bioactive Marine Complex
Article code SS10
It does all the magic! The Skin Prep Serum provides a clear, smooth and even skin. This is due to the bioactive complex of marine extracts and botanical oils. This powerhouse formula is suitable for even the most sensitive skin!
Agent Nateur
Holi (Oil) Refining Youth Serum
This serum gives every beauty an extra boost every day and helps to reduce pigmentation, wrinkles, dark spots, redness and blemishes.
Girl Smells
Soothing Aloe Gel
We got you! Girl Smells' Soothing Aloe Gel nourishes your skin in two ways. It soothes your skin and keeps it in the right moisture balance. The aloe vera gel is a fantastic face and body healer.
Restorative Face Serum
Article code RFS1
Soapwalla's Restorative Face Serum is a true friend to everyone. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin, refines the pores and helps protect the skin's natural hydration balance.
Linné Botanicals
Repair Face Oil
Bye, wrinkles! The Linné Botanicals Repair Face Oil gives your skin a helping hand. It reduces wrinkles, softens scars and protects your skin from stress. It also stimulates the production of collagen.
Linné Botanicals
Renew Face Serum
Hello, miracle elixir! The Renew Face Serum by Linné Botanicals contains a magical blend of ingredients that strengthens the capillaries, builds collagen, reduces pigmentation and wrinkles. The serum smells lovely, like chamomile.
Nectar Organics
Anti-Aging Serum
Article code 4053951448397
Skin power! Nectar's Anti-Aging Serum is a strong serum that fights the first signs of skin aging. The serum penetrates directly into the skin, where it nourishes and refreshes your skin.
Nectar Organics
Antioxidant Serum
Article code 4053951448403
The Nectar Antioxidant Serum is a power boost for your skin. The serum immediately penetrates deeply, nourishing and refreshing your skin. It gives the skin what it needs and stimulates the natural production of collagen.
Nectar Organics
Hyaluron Boost Serum
Article code 4053951448380
The Hyaluron Boost Serum from Nectar gives your skin its daily dose of happiness. Because this serum is not only made on water basis, it also contains hyaluronic acid, which immediately hydrates and lifts your skin.

What is a serum anyway? A serum or facial oil is a skincare product that you apply to your skin after cleansing your face. You should apply a serum before applying a day cream. It consists of smaller molecules and has a very high concentration of active ingredients. In addition, a serum helps to reduce wrinkles, and most serums also have an anti-wrinkle effect. Because of its powerful ingredients, a serum can penetrate even deeper into the skin, so it's even more important to make sure no bullshit ingredients are in your beauty products. But where do you find the best natural facial oil or serum? BEAUTSY's favorites are listed above. The best serum for a blemished skin or oily skin is the Plum Beauty Oil by Le Prunier, dat immediately refreshes the skin. Are you looking for a serum for dry skin? Try Soapwalla’s Restorative Face Serum or Girl Smells's serum. You're making the sensitive skin happy with the Skin Prep from Hynt Beauty or the serums by Nectar Organics. But also Linné Botanicals' serums and those from Agent Nateur will shine on the bathroom cabinet. Bye bye, wrinkles!