Bronzers & Highlighters

Looking for a bronzer or highlighter with natural ingredients? Without parabens, perfume or other chemicals that only hurt your skin? Then BEAUTSY is the right place for you. We don't have a lot of make-up in stock yet, but this bronzer is at least a gem.

Hynt Beauty
Solare Bronzing Powder
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With this bronzing powder you get exactly the right balance between beachy bronze and a healthy shine. The powder is natural, vegan and adapts to different skin tones, for that natural glow.

Many people wonder: what is a bronzer exactly? Where do you put a bronzer, how do you put on bronzer and what is the difference with a highlighter? A bronzer is a brown or terra colored powder (liquid variants exist) that you use to give your face a sunnier touch. A bronzer can be applied to parts of your face where you normally tan the quickest, for example on your cheekbones and cheeks. If you use a powder bronzer, apply the bronzer with a large, wide powder brush or a special bronzing brush. To prevent stains, use foundation before applying a bronzer. Do not apply too much bronzer, but build up the color if necessary. A highlighter is meant to create a shine: you mainly apply it to the higher parts of your face where you want to catch light, such as the bridge of the nose, inner corner of the eye and eyebrow bone. To the best natural highlighter BEAUTSY is still searching, but the best natural bronzer in our opinion is the one by Hynt Beauty. The powder is natural (it's even vegan!) and adapts to different skin tones, even if you have light skin. Glowy days!