Hand & Feet Care

Especially in cold weather you can get dry hands. A good hand cream makes your hands soft again! BEAUTSY is still looking for a good foot cream, but below we'll show you the star player in our assortment in terms of hand cream. On a natural basis!

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The skin on your hands is very thin and vulnerable, because you use them every day. Cold, wind, UV radiation, dry air and many touches throughout the day make your hands dry. Water and soap also affect the skin: although they clean your hands, they also remove the skin fats, damaging the skin barrier. By using a hand cream, a layer is formed on the skin that prevents further dehydration and restores the skin. Normally, dry skin produces new fats itself in order to restore the skin barrier, but a hand cream speeds up this process. Our star player is not a cheap hand cream, but hey: then you'll have one without perfume, parabens, alcohol, glycerine, paraffin, mineral oil and other rubbish and chemical additives. Girl Smells Hydrating Hand Cream is soft, provides a subtle shine and smells lovely, like grapefruit. The hand ointment also provides intense care thanks to a fine blend of shea butter, sunflower extract and coconut oil. BEAUTSY is still looking for or a good and natural oily hand cream for very dry hands, as well as a foot cream with no perfume or parabens. Keep an eye on this page and our social media for new hand and feet care products!