Natural body care starts at BEAUTSY. Here you can score the best skincare products, body products and bath products such as a natural shower gel, body wash, body lotion, body milk, body cream, hand care, body oil, body soap, body scrub and more. Because your body deserves pampering every day :)

Agent Nateur
Holi (Stick) N3 Deodorant
The organic Holi (stick) N3 deodorant is not only given a luxurious look, it smells good and does exactly what it is supposed to do: protect you from perspiration and associated odors. Winner of the Glamour Beauty Awards 2016.
Le Prunier
Plum Beauty Oil
In need of a boost? The Plum Beauty Oil from Le Prunier upgrades your skin, hair and body. Thanks to the anti-aging and multifunctional ingredients, your hair and skin are nourished and refreshed.
Agent Nateur
Holi (Man) N5 Deodorant
For your sweetheart, father, brother or grandfather, give him this natural deodorant as a gift. The Holi (Man) N5 deodorant not only looks luxurious, it also smells delicious: like roses, sandalwood, citrus and cedarwood.
Girl Smells
Underarm Detox Mask
Ready to detox? The Girl Smells Underarm Detox Mask is perfect to give your armpits a hygienic boost. It will feel like a spa day, thanks to the clay in combination with soothing aloe vera. Happy armpits!
Linné Botanicals
Activate Exfoliating Body Wash
€53,00 €21,20
Bath time! This soapy body wash by Linné Botanicals is a very concentrated and nutritious product. You can use it daily in the shower or in the bath, but you can also use it weekly (as a mask).
Plant Apothecary
Calm Down Organic Body Wash
Take it easy! The Calm Down Organic Body Wash by Plant Apothecary helps you to relax and clear your head. The product is packed with organic, essential oils and smells great with ginger and lavender.
Plant Apothecary
Be Well Organic Body Wash
The Be Well Organic Body Wash by Plant Apothecary is the most popular body wash among all shower gels. It's packed with organic, essential oils that give your immune system a good boost. It even helps with a clogged nose!
Girl Smells
Soothing Aloe Gel
We got you! Girl Smells' Soothing Aloe Gel nourishes your skin in two ways. It soothes your skin and keeps it in the right moisture balance. The aloe vera gel is a fantastic face and body healer.
Lavender & French Clay Soap Bar
Article code SBLAV
Let's get soapy! Dive into the bath or shower with Soapwalla's Lavender & French Clay Soap Bar. This soap bar is designed to thoroughly clean and soothe even the most sensitive skin - including baby's sensitive skin.
Girl Smells
Hydrating Hand Cream
Girl Smells Hydrating Hand Cream makes sure your hands get the right care. The hand cream is soft, provides a subtle shine and cares. Thank you, on behalf of your hands!
Almond Luxe Body Polish
Article code ALBP8
€39,00 €15,60
The Almond Luxe Body Polish by Soapwalla is a true gem for the shower. It is a subtle scrub made from almond oil, a hint of cardamom and organic sugar and is extra sweet for dry areas such as elbows and knees.
Agent Nateur
Holi (Rose) N4 Deodorant
A rose garden under your armpits! Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose have joined forces to develop a sensual and exotic deodorant. The Holi (Rose) N4 is not only given a luxurious look, it also smells delicious.

Before you start looking around among the bodycare products that BEAUTSY has got in stock for you, it's important to know what type of skin you have. We offer natural body care for normal skin, oily skin, sensitive skin en dry skin. If you want to know more or get skin advice, click on the skin type. Start your bodycare routine in the shower: with the bath & body wash products, from Golda for example (these soaps are so cute!), or those by Plant Apothecary or Soapwalla, extra sweet for sensitive skin. Scrub your skin at least once a week, for example with Linné Botanicals's exfoliator. This product's perfect for removing dead skin cells from impure or blemished skin. Is it time to shave? De Leg Shaving Oil by Girl Smells is your best friend. This brand also has a wonderfully fragrant, natural body lotion, especially for dry skin and when you've been in the sun for a day: the ingredient aloe vera works like a gentle healer. If you have a damaged skin, then use somewhat more powerful: a body oil by Merme Berlin or Le Prunier, for example. Are you pregnant? Then you must have the Pregnant Belly Oil by Soapwalla. Don't forget your armpits as well: it's the most important thing to choose a natural deodorant. Agent Nateur has a deodorant for everyone! Finally, always take a hand cream in your bag to keep your hands soft and hydrated as well. Everything you need for healthy, smooth, pure and radiant skin can be found at BEAUTSY!