Shaving your armpits is probably something you do every other day. To prevent irritation or rash after shaving, choose a naturally based shaving oil or soap, one that's especially gentle on your skin.

Agent Nateur
Holi (Skin) Shave Oil
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Based on the Holi (Oil) Agent Nateur introduces a lovely shaving oil: Holi (Skin) Shave Oil. The foaming substance is deliciously soft for the skin and soothes with the addition of calendula, coconut and chamomile.

Do you even know why we use shaving cream, shaving gel, shaving oil, shaving cream or shaving soap? If you shave dry, you have the chance to damage your skin while shaving. After shaving, irritated skin or redness can occur. Because the skin is very sensitive during and after shaving, we opt for a natural shaving oil without perfume and other bullshit ingredients that can only harm your skin. Why shave with oil? Girl Smells has the answer to that. Shaving oil contains a healing formula of natural oils that lays a layer on the skin and thus protects your skin from shaving. The antioxidants contain nourishing ingredients and have a calming effect. Do you prefer to use a shaving soap? A natural shaving soap without perfumes and parabens is the Lavender & French Clay Soap Bar by Soapwalla. This soap is not only a natural shaving gel but also a facial cleanser and body cleanser. The French green clay exfoliates gently and can even be used for sensitive baby skin. Oh, did we mention that it smells like lavender? Happy shaving! PS: we haven't found a natural shaving foam yet, but BEAUTSY is still looking for it. Want to buy a shaving soap or oil on a natural basis? BEAUTSY has got you!