Not only in terms of shampoo and conditioner, but also in terms of hair care, we are increasingly opting for hair products on a natural, organic or even vegan basis. BEAUTSY offers a wide range of RAHUA conditioners and hair sprays that you can use to style your hair the way you want.

Voluminous Spray Travel Size
Do you want a beachy look before you hit the beach? Create a wavy look when traveling with the Voluminous Spray from RAHUA Travel Size. For volume, texture and an in-between refreshment as a dry shampoo!
Enchanted Island Salt Spray
Inspired by the Galapagos Islands, RAHUA's Enchanted Island Salt Spray gives you the feeling of a beach day: perfectly tangled, wavy beach hair. A tropical party with exotic scents like guayaba, hibiscus and passion fruit!
Voluminous Spray
Do you want a beachy look without having to go to the beach? Or can your thin hair use some volume? Then RAHUA's Voluminous Spray is the hair product for you. For volume, texture and an in-between refreshment as dry shampoo!
Legendary Amazon Oil
Do you want a soft, shiny and anti-lint finish for your hair, preferably without too much hassle? The answer can be found in the plant and flower oil in the Legendary Amazon Oil by RAHUA. The word says it all: this oil is legendary!

For years, shampoo and hair products have been adding ingredients such as silicones to protect your hair from styling tools such as curling irons or straighteners. But the more silicone products you use, the faster they accumulate, which makes your hair heavy and lifeless and can even seal the hair shaft, resulting in (extremely) dry hairBEAUTSY promises hair care on a completely natural basis, without silicones, sulphates, sls, parabens, perfume or alcohol. The brand RAHUA is 100% natural and in our opinion has the best hair products for everyone. The brand is named after one of the precious oils and unique ingredients from the Amazon: Rahua oil. The molecules in this oil are small enough to penetrate deep into the hair fibres. The classic conditioner can be used as a leave-in mask, just like the Hydration Detangler for hair strengthening. As far as organic hairspray is concerned, we have two gems: the organic volume spray (also in travel size) and the Enchanted Salt Spray. If you want to create the ultimate beach look with wavy beach hair, then this is indispensable for your bathroom cabinet. BEAUTSY is still looking for a natural hairspray, hair mousse or hair gel and good wax!