Natural cosmetics starts at BEAUTSY. Here you score the best natural makeup like blush and concealer, an eye makeup remover and makeup brushes without animal ingredients. By the way, all cosmetics are free of animal testing!

Girl Smells
Tinted Nourishing Lip Balm
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Lip crushing with the Girl Smells Tinted Nourishing Lip Balm! This fine balm contains natural ingredients that protect you from dehydration. The formula provides nourished lips thanks to jojoba oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter.
Hynt Beauty
Duet Perfecting Concealer
Article code DC02
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It does magic! The Hynt Duet concealer covers every little spot, dark circle or blemish. The concealer doesn't lay a thick layer on your skin, but it does cover what you want to cover. The formula ensures that it is comfortable for you and for your skin.
Merme Berlin
Starlight Glow Booster
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Why not shine every day? That's what founder Claire van Merme must have thought when she released this Glow Booster. The best of this glitter? It's 100% natural, vegan and chemical-free.
Hynt Beauty
Air Blender Brush
Article code B06
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This soft, round brush is perfect for applying make-up or blending. The Air Blender Brush can be used for liquid, powder or coloured make-up. Made of exclusive synthetic Japanese Taklon and sustainable wood.
James Brush Set
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The James by MonPhill's combines a luxurious lockable sleeve with three separate make-up brushes, each of which can be clicked onto the sleeve. And the brushes themselves? They are made of 100% soft synthetic bristles.
Hynt Beauty
Forte High Definition Eye Liner
Article code EL01
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The Hynt Forte High Definition Eye Liner turns your eyes into real eye-catchers. The long-lasting eyeliner is paraben-free and puts your eyes in the spotlight. The eyeliner comes with a smudge top, to soften the line or to create a smokey eye.
Hynt Beauty
Concealer Brush
Article code BO2
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The Hynt Concealer Brush is a flexible brush with a round nose. This allows you to cover even the smallest corners with concealer. Made of exclusive synthetic Japanese Taklon and sustainable wood.
Hynt Beauty
Solare Bronzing Powder
Article code SB01
in stock
With this bronzing powder you get exactly the right balance between beachy bronze and a healthy shine. The powder is natural, vegan and adapts to different skin tones, for that natural glow.

As far as skincare products are concerned, BEAUTSY has everything to offer. But we've just taken natural cosmetics under our wing. For example, we are still looking for a good, natural mascara, so our search for natural cosmetics is still in full swing. However, we find it important that all the makeup we offer is organic: cosmetics without harmful ingredients such as parabens, perfume, chemicals, oil, or other endocrine disruptors. That's why BEAUTSY only offers natural cosmetics brands, organic and vegan makeup brands that are free of all those bullshit ingredients. Regarding bronzers & highlighters we have one shiny pearl for you: the Solar Bronzing Powder by Hynt Beauty. Do you want to get rid of some small spots and dark cirkles? The best way to do this is with a concealer. Also, when it comes to concealers, Hynt Beauty is there for you. In addition, this brand also offers you a fine eyeliner, with a smudgetop to create a smokey eye. By the way, did you know that a makeup brush with real hair is much more difficult to clean than a synthetic one? A make-up brush with real hair tends to catch dead skin cells and bacteria much faster. Our make-up brushes are made of Taklon, a synthetic fibre from Japan. For your lips we have a caring lip balm by Girl Smells, that gives a subtle color (which color you choose, is up to you!). Finally, Nectar Organics is the hero in your bathroom cabinet when it comes to natural and organic make-up remover. The best vegan, non-animal testing cosmetics and animal-friendly make-up from organic cosmetics brands can be found at BEAUTSY!