Blemished skin

Blemished skin occurs mainly in puberty, during pregnancy or due to stress: you will suffer from impurities such as blackheads, pimples and dilated pores. Fortunately, BEAUTSY also has the best, natural skincare products for your skin type that help blemished skin to regain its health.

Agent Nateur
acid (Wash) lactic acid brightening cleanser
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Let acid (Wash) from Agent Nateur work his magic on your skin. This natural cleanser with exfoliating properties refines the skin texture. The super-smooth formula with lavender blossom water leaves your skin silky soft.

Acne is the biggest culprit of blemished skin. Other signs and characteristics that indicate impure skin include blackheads, white balls, dilated pores and oily, shiny skin. If you have blemished skin, the pores on the surface of your skin are clogged, causing the sebum to accumulate along with dirt and dead skin cells. If bacteria is added, pimples will form. A blemished skin is therefore also called a restless or impure skin. Itching can occur that makes you want want to scratch it, but that only's puts more dirt in it and that way it only gets worse. Of course you don't want bad and irritated skin, but a healthy and even skin! That's why it's important that you are extra sweet to your skin and use products for your face that don't contain any ingredients that harm your skin, such as alcohol and mineral fats and oils. For example, clean with Soapwalla's soap bars, that are extra sweet for your sensitive skin. Also use a toner every day, which will rebalance your restless skin. Pimples and blackheads can be reabsorbed with the special acne mask by Plant Apothecary. Bye bye, spots!