Dive into BEAUTSY

BEAUTSY is the online hangout for hand-picked, clean and luxury beauty stuff: niche brands and indie care labels without bullshit ingredients. These are luxury beauty products without fuss, that really do something for your skin (and are kind to the planet).

This is us
Hand-picked with love
Because buying beauty products should remain a party and shouldn't make you feel like you need to re-examine your thesis, we've put together a whole series of awesome hand-picked beauty products for you. Because clean is also just fun. Thoroughly tested and screened by BEAUTSY - trust us on this one.
Clean standard
Ingredients are often incomprehensible and sometimes doubtful. That's why BEAUTSY only offers clean beauty products that are transparent about the smallest detail, proud of every ingredient and contain no bullshit ingredients that will only harm your skin.
Luxury by nature
Modern luxury is going back to the essence, from start to finish. From the clean ingredients to the minimalist, modern packaging. We add a big lick of nature, a touch of personality and quality to your beauty routine.
About the founder
Before Jessica Schuddeboom (1986) discovered great products in the beauty industry, she worked - after finishing two fashion studies - as a costume designer, freelance stylist and interior designer. Jessica herself has been suffering from sensitive skin all her life and noticed that the beauty industry is completely lacking in transparency about the ingredients used in products. Dermatologically tested? Hell, no. She thought it should be cleaner, healthier and better. At the Indie Beauty Expo in New York she came across beautiful clean beauty brands, set up by passionate, female entrepreneurs who she wanted to give a platform in the Netherlands.

The result? A packed bathroom cabinet and a webshop full of self-selected, clean and luxurious (because hey, the eye wants some) beauty products. All labels have been carefully scrutinized and are not only sweet to your skin, but also for animals and the planet. Bye bye, bullshit ingredients!