Treatments & Masks

You can shop a natural hair mask or hair oil at BEAUTSY: without silicones, parabens, perfume, alcohol or sulfates. Bullshit ingredients we call it, which only hurt your hair. We have two for you, from two beautiful clean beauty brands: Le Prunier and Merme Berlin.

Merme Berlin
Revitalising Hair Treatment
in stock
With Merme's Revitalising Hair Treatment you have liquid gold in your hands. This oil only consists of argan oil, which gives the hair an immediate shine without making it greasy. Hello, shiny hair!
Le Prunier
Plum Beauty Oil
in stock
In need of a boost? The Plum Beauty Oil from Le Prunier upgrades your skin, hair and body. Thanks to the anti-aging and multifunctional ingredients, your hair and skin are nourished and refreshed.
Leave-In Treatment
in stock
Give your hair a spa day once in a while and spoil it with this hair mask by RAHUA. The Leave-In Treatment is perfect for those who regularly grab the curling iron or straightener and offers protection as well as an extra shine.
Legendary Amazon Oil
in stock
Do you want a soft, shiny and anti-lint finish for your hair, preferably without too much hassle? The answer can be found in the plant and flower oil in the Legendary Amazon Oil by RAHUA. The word says it all: this oil is legendary!
Omega-9 Hair Mask
out of stock
Handmade from the Amazon rainforest: the omega-9 hair mask by RAHUA. Pamper your hair with this powerful, intensive cream that penetrates deep into the roots and damages, making limp hair healthy and strong again.

A hair mask ensures that a protective layer is put on your hair. Besides being nourishing, a good hair mask also provides a nice shine. How often do you use a hair mask? We say once a week. If you use it more often, there's a chance your hair will get very greasy. A hair oil is slightly different from a hair mask: hair oil is used as a supplement to the daily care of the hair. Contrary to what people think, a hair oil doesn't make your hair greasy, but rather keeps (dry and damaged) hair in a good condition. In addition, a hair oil, unlike a hair mask, can provide thicker hair, help with a dry scalp and help against hair loss. Whether you have limp hair, oily hair, curly hair or frizzy hair, our hair oils are for everyone. With the Revitalising Hair Treatment by Merme Berlin you have liquid gold in your hands, literally. This oil consists only of argan oil, which gives the hair an immediate shine without making it greasy. The Plum Beauty Oil by Le Prunier not only upgrades your hair, but you can also use it for your skin and body.