Salt & Stone

Clean sunscreen that absorbs well, does not make the skin oily and does not leave a white haze behind. Do you want that too? Then Salt & Stone is the brand for you. A natural skincare brand from the heart of Los Angeles. Full of antioxidants and with nature in mind. BEAUTSY is a fan!

Salt & Stone
Face Stick SPF 50
A sun kissed skin but the right protection? With the Salt & Stone Face Stick SPF 50 in your pocket, your skin will look great. Not only does it provide protection against harmful UV rays, it also moisturizes and restores the skin at the same time.
Salt & Stone
Lip Balm SPF 30
Be beach ready! With this SPF 30 Lip Balm from Salt & Stone in your beach bag, you can protect your lips instantly, in a natural way. The lip balm feels soft and protects your lips thanks to the non-nano zincoxide.

Safe sunbathing is a must, Salt & Stone thinks. This unisex skin and bodycare brand from Los Angeles, California was founded in 2017 by former professional snowboarder Nima Jalali and focuses on natural, high quality, cruelty-free products and ingredients. Jalali's mission is to create a safe formula for sunscreen that is both effective and more luxurious than what you're used to from natural skincare. 'Green and clean' is the motto. Salt & Stone goes the extra mile to develop each formula separately, with ingredients that are produced in an ethical and sustainable way, without the use of pesticides or synthetic perfumes, sulphates, silicones, parabens or GMOs. In addition to the products themselves, the packaging is also completely sustainable and recyclable. Ambassadors for the brand are professional surfers, tennis players, snowboarders and skiers who, like Nima, have a healthy lifestyle. Of the seven suncare products that Salt & Stone offers, BEAUTSY has two: a Face Stick with SPF 50 for your face and a lip balm with SPF 30. The stick not only provides protection against harmful UV rays, it also hydrates and restores the skin at the same time. The ingredients soothe red, irritated skin. It is small, easy to use and water resistant (80 minutes). Together with the lip balm, it is easy to carry around in your handbag. So handy!