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23 Sep 2019

Top 5 Picks for Autumn

It’s sweater weather! Secretly, we love autumn. Because: reason to give new life to your skin, body, and haircare routine! With these five BEAUTSY goodies, you can look forward to a radiant autumn.


Autumn Picks  

1. Deep Clean Mask by Merme Berlin, €34

Would you like to keep your tan for as long as possible? Then apply a moisturizing mask. This French, green clay mask by Merme Berlin works like a magnet and removes all bacteria and dirt from the skin. The fabric makes your skin feel supple and gives you a beautiful glow!

Deep Clean Facial Mask van Merme Berlin

2. Intense Hydration Moisturizer by Nectar Organics, €49

Gel-based creams are wonderfully refreshing for hot summer days, but in autumn your skin will benefit from a fuller cream with a rich formula due to the cooler weather conditions. This moisturizer intensely nourishes your skin thanks to a mix of botanical oils, macademia and shea butter. You don't need much of it, so you can use it for a whole season!

Intense Moisturizer van Nectar Organics

3. Luxurious Body Oil by Soapwalla, €34,50

Is your heater back on again? Because of the dryness and heat in the house and the cold wind outside, your skin becomes taut - cracks and red spots therefore appear more quickly. Soapwalla to the rescue! This body oil is full of fine, natural ingredients such as jojoba, sunflower oil, grape seed oil and rice bran. It helps to intensely moisturize your skin and nourish it where necessary.

Luxurious Body Oil van Soapwalla

4. Hydration Shampoo by RAHUA, €36 

Don't forget your hair! Your hair has had to endure a lot of sunlight, seawater and sand during summer. So your hair can look a bit lifeless now: dry, frizzy, brittle or bleached by chlorine. Give your hair some time to recover and protect it at the same time with this fine shampoo by RAHUA. A maximum moisturizer for your hair.

Hydration Shampoo van RAHUA

5. Hydrating Hand Cream by Girl Smells, €32

Make sure you always have a tube of Girl Smells' Hydrating Hand Cream in your bag, or put one on your desk. Tip: give your hands an extra boost by covering them with the cream, putting on cotton gloves and letting them soak in at night. The next day your hands will be wonderfully soft!


Hydrating Hand Cream van Girl Smells

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