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21 Jun 2021

World Yoga Day: treat yourself to facial yoga

On June 21st we celebrate World Yoga Day! The perfect day to treat your face to stimulating and skin-improving facial yoga. Just five to ten minutes of facial yoga will make your skin and face happy.

For your mouth and lips

Blow out your lips and then relax your mouth. Repeat 10 times. Now move your lips to the right and then to the left. Repeat this movement 10 times. Finally, make the skin around your mouth stronger and more supple by making the letter 'O' with your mouth, leaving the muscles tensed for a moment and then relaxing again. Repeat this also 10 times.

Lift for your face

Stimulate your skin by working with two fingers from the corners of your mouth via your cheekbones towards your temples. Apply slight pressure by pressing your fingers lightly into the skin (but do not overdo it). Work towards your temples in one smooth movement and repeat this exercise 15 times. Tip: you can work more smoothly if you oil or serum your skin beforehand. Our fave for facial yoga is Facial Beauty Elixir by Merme Berlin.

Facial yoga for your neck and jaw

Facial yoga can also strengthen your neck and jaw. For this exercise, open your mouth wide and put your jaw forward. (We know, this looks strange, so we advise you to find a quiet place to do this ;-)) Now open and close your jaw 10 times and keep the muscles tight while opening your mouth.

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