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29 Apr 2021

Why we believe in 'ageless' (instead of 'anti-aging')

American magazine Allure banned the term "anti-aging" four years ago. Last year "ageless" was the buzzword in beautyland. And major brands are launching beauty lines under the names "Pro Age" and "Age Perfect. Change is gonna come...

Against aging

Anyone who dissects the word 'anti-aging' cannot deny: the term has a negative connotation. Anti, according to dictionary Van Dale, means 'against' or 'opponent'. Anti-aging therefore implies that we are against aging. That aging is something that would rather not happen. And that we must call a halt to it. Because, of course, we don't want wrinkles and so we reach for a jar of anti-aging cream.

Growing old as beautifully as possible

Our beauty hearts began to beat faster when the term "ageless" emerged and became a buzzword. Ageless and anti-aging are essentially different: anti-aging is all about not letting the skin get old, while ageless focuses on aging as beautifully as possible and making the signs of skin aging less visible. Because let's be honest: halting skin aging is simply not possible. Skin aging is a fact that we cannot escape - everyone has to deal with it. It's part of nature and we'd better accept it (fighting it only costs energy, believe us

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