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06 Sep 2021

Spotlight on Agent Nateur The Holi (Trinity)

Can we get a holy moly for Agent Nateurs The Holi (Trinity)? We have been fans of this bestselling set for years, with three amazing products for smooth, fresh and healthy skin. In this article we tell you all about The Holi (Trinity) and why you should add this set to your beauty stash today.

What is The Holi (Trinity) by Agent Nateur?

For glowing healthy, smooth and youthful skin, Agent Nateur says you only need three products. A combination of toner, a vitamin C powder and oil gives your skin exactly what it needs to be well-hydrated, supple and smooth. That fresh complexion comes for free. At BEAUTSY you will find the travelsize box of The Holi (Trinity) with the following contents:

  • Holi (water) 30 ml
  • Holi (oil) 10 ml
  • Holi (c) 3 ml

Agent Nateur Holi Trinity

All about Holi (water)

Dry and dehydrated skin gets a hydration boost with Holi (water). This toner full of sodium hyaluronate (a blend of 91% hyaluronic acid and sodium), lavender and rose water, pitaya and pearl powder acts as the ultimate thirst quencher, hydrating, nourishing and softening your skin. Holi (water) keeps your skin elastic, refines its pores and provides natural acids for a light exfoliation, which immediately conjures up a healthy skin. You spritz Holi (water) on your cleansed face, morning and evening, but use it within The Holi (Trinity) mainly as the perfect partner with this next great product.

All about Holi (c)

In Holi (c) it is the sodium ascorbyl phosphate (a super-stable form of vitamin C that is well absorbed by the skin) that provides a glow. The vitamin C powder gives your complexion a boost, makes your face super-soft and makes lines and even acne scars less noticeable. A lifesaver in a small jar. Vitamin C powder needs a moist surface to do its job, so you mix it with Holi (water). But more about that later in this blog.

All about Holi (oil)

When you've moisturised and exfoliated your skin, it's time for a final treatment. That's where Holi (oil) comes in. This plant-based oil serum is full of rosehip oil, rice oil, rose oil and sandalwood oil. This blend of high-quality plant-based oils leaves your face soft, smooth and nourished. As icing on the cake, Holi (oil) gives your skin a super beautiful and fresh glow. We love it!

How to use The Holi (Trinity)?

Although Holi (water), Holi (c) and Holi (oil) are great products individually, The Holi (Trinity) is really meant to be a three-step-plan. Together, these three top products ensure the very best result: a healthy, radiant skin with a beautiful glow. After cleansing your face, use Holi (water) first. Apply three or four spritzes in the palms of your hands and dab into your dry skin. Now spray the same amount of Holi (water) into your palms again and add a small amount of Holi (c). Mix together until the powder dissolves and apply to your face. As a last step, nourish and protect your skin with Holi (oil). Two or three drops are enough. Et voila: there is your fresh, glowy skin that feels silky soft.

Agent Nateur Holi Trinity

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