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27 Jun 2021

Deep Clean Facial Mask on International Mud Day

Mud and clay: your skin loves them. Especially if you have an oily or blemished skin. Treat your skin to a nice clay mask on International Mud Day, for example our favourite: Merme Berlin Deep Clean Facial Mask.

International Mud Day

On 29 June, we celebrate International Mud Day, or Mud Day, worldwide. Why do we do this? To make children (and adults as well) worldwide aware of the possibilities and value of mud. Mud is indispensable to the earth and a source of minerals. So put on your boots and let's get messy!

Why we love mud and clay

The ancient Egyptians already ran off with it: mud and clay from the Dead and Black Sea. The brown or grey stuff is packed with minerals and vitamins. No wonder the Egyptians swore by a nice mud bath. Even now, hundreds of years later, mud is used in many spas and hammams to purify, moisturise and nourish the skin. The minerals and vitamins do wonders for your skin! Beautsy also loves clay and mud, our big favourite being Merme Berlin Deep Clean Facial Mask, made of 100% French green clay.

Deep Clean Facial Mask from Merme Berlin

Feel like pampering your skin in style on International Mud Day? The Deep Clean Facial Mask contains 100% pure French green clay of the highest quality. This type of clay acts like a magnet for dirt and impurities, pulling them out of your skin as it were when you apply this purifying mask. The mask makes your pores cleaner than clean, while the minerals give your skin a boost. After rinsing, your skin feels fresh, clean and wonderfully smooth. Give it a try!


Merme Berlin Deep Clean Facial Mask

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