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22 Jun 2020

All you need to know about natural deodorant (without aluminium)

Stories have been circulating on the internet for years about the danger of aluminium in deodorants. What does it actually mean, if there's aluminum salt in your deodorant? And why do we choose a natural deodorant, without aluminium, perfume or alcohol? Catch up with BEAUTSY. 

Since 2016 there seems to be a link between aluminium chloride (aluminium salts) in deodorants and breast cancer and numerous studies have been done to prove this. Four years later, there is still not enough evidence to draw firm conclusions, but it is still smart to avoid deodorants containing aluminium salts. But before we go any further, first: what is aluminium chloride, anyway?

Sweat less

Aluminum salts in deodorant make you sweat less. The ingredient can be found in antiperspirants, or deodorants that prevent you from sweating (excessively). The aluminum salt ensures that the exit of the sweat gland is blocked and therefore you sweat (temporarily) less. Take a look at the label of most deodorants you come across at the drug store: almost every deodorant contains aluminium chloride. When it's not there, it usually contains alcohol and a lot of fragrances (synthetic perfume) to dry out the skin and mask unpleasant smells.

Girl Smells DeoSoapwalla DeoSoapwalla DeoSalt & Stone Deo

Not natural, not clean

Aluminum salts, alcohol and synthetic perfume in deodorant means that most deo's you find in the store are not natural and therefore not clean. And because BEAUTSY prefers not to take any risks and really only chooses ingredients that are certainly good for your skin (but also for animals and planet), we do not choose deodorant with aluminum chloride. But does a deodorant without aluminium chloride help against sweating?

Baking soda

The answer is yes. Agent Nateur came up with a natural solution to prevent sweating: baking soda. Baking soda does not clog your sweat glands and does not stop the natural sweating process, but it does mask unpleasant odours. They were one of the first to release deodorant in the form of a salt stick. But a brand that was actually much earlier is Soapwalla. They have been stealing the show for years with a spreadable deodorant, which has become a real cult favorite. Not sure if a spreadable deodorant is what you want? Then try one of our Soapwalla mini's first!

By the way, there are a handful of people who are or turn out to be allergic to baking soda. You can recognize the allergy by the black spots that appear under your armpits. Fortunately, both Soapwalla and Agent Nateur also have a baking soda-free deodorant.

Agent Nateur DeoAgent Nateur DeoAgent Nateur DeoAgent Nateur Deo

Without perfume and alcohol alcohol

So there are deodorants that do not contain aluminum chloride, but instead contain alcohol and perfume. Alcohol causes your skin to dry out (so you don't sweat), perfume of course masks the smell. Fortunately, a good, organic deodorant also works fine without perfume or alcohol. This is proven by the deodorant brands we offer, besides Agent Nateur and Soapwalla also Girl Smells and Salt & Stone. Choose your variant, in the form of a stick, roller or as a cream. Also, most deodorants smell heavenly (especially the ones from Agent Nateur).

Good to know: if you make the switch from deodorant with aluminium to clean deodorant without aluminium, it's good to have your armpits detoxed first. This can be done with the Underarm Detox Mask by Girl Smells. You will first sweat a bit more, because the toxins have to leave your body first. After that your armpits are used and you are ready for your new deo! 

Check out all our natural deodorants here!

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