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05 Aug 2021

Spotlight on Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil

A real powerhouse: this multifunctional oil for skin and hair. Plum Beauty Oil is 8 times more powerful than argan oil and 6 times more powerful than marula oil. A treat for your skin and hair! 7 reasons why you should add Plum Beauty Oil to your beauty stash.

It's multifunctional

Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil can be used as a skin oil, but at the same time it serves as a serum, night cream, eye cream and hair oil. With this powerful multi-tasker, you no longer need a separate serum and eye care becomes superfluous. This beauty of an oil has it all! Do you suffer from dry and split ends? Knead a few drops of Plum Beauty Oil into your ends and they will shine like never before.

Absorbs quickly and is non-greasy

Le Prunier has succeeded in creating an oil that is as nourishing as it is comfortable. Meaning: it penetrates quickly, does not feel sticky and does not leave a greasy film. Because Plum Beauty Oil is a dry oil, you can go straight to work on your make-up look afterwards and your face won't stick to your pillow at night.

Smells heavenly

Plum Beauty Oil contains nothing more and nothing less than 100% pure plum kernel oil. You can smell that. The sweet plum fragrance hits you as soon as you open the bottle. And believe us: you will not want anything else after that.

Contains a lot of antioxidants

You may already be familiar with argan oil and marula oil. Both super-powerful vegetable oils that protect your skin against free radicals because they are rich in antioxidants. Well, Plum Beauty Oil is no exception. It is 8 times stronger than argan oil and 6 times more powerful than marula oil. So with this oil you really have the top of the bill when it comes to antioxidants. Your skin will be happy!

It's anti-aging

Admittedly, we do not like to use the word anti-aging. But Plum Beauty Oil is a real star at keeping lines and wrinkles at bay for as long as possible. This is because it hydrates your skin like the best of them, keeping it supple and preventing dry lines from forming. The antioxidants in plum oil defuse free radicals, so UV rays can't do any damage.

Gives your skin a beautiful glow

The first time you use Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil you will see that your skin is radiant and shining. This golden-yellow substance conjures up a glow on your face that you can't get rid of all day long. We love it!

It's economical in use

You only need two to three drops of oil to nourish, protect, moisturise and care for your skin. This way, you can enjoy your bottle of oil for a long time.

Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil Deluxe Mini

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