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02 Mar 2020

New at BEAUTSY: Henné Organics!

2020 is the year in which we will focus on lip care. And that includes a completely new clean beauty brand. We are proud to introduce: Henné Organics!

Henné Organics came on the market five years ago. Although Swedish Laura Xiao spread her wings in America, with Henné (which means 'her' in Swedish) she wants to maintain her roots. Hence the slogan: Swedish inspired, American made. Henné is an ode to the modern woman, who is more and more concerned with the ingredients in beauty products (We mean, hello!). We want to introduce eco-luxury into our everyday beauty routine and Henné responds to this: modern, minimalistic, completely organic and cruelty-free.

At Henné you can apply the products on your lips with peace of mind. The products feel extremely soft and luxurious to the touch - in addition, you only need a very small amount and you don't have to keep lubricating all day, as you do with petroleum or vaseline. In addition to lip balms, Henné goes one step further when it comes to lip care: why not also nourish your lips with a serum, mask or exfoliator?

Nordic Berries Lip ExfoliatorLip MaskLip SerumLip Balm

Step 1: exfoliate

Moisten your lips and gently massage some of the Nordic Berries Lip Exfoliator (which smells delicious like berries) onto your lips in a twisting motion. Leave to soak for a while and then rinse with a little water. You don't have to scrub your lips every day: about three or four times a week is enough.

Step 2: mask

Removed the dead skin cells from your lips? Then use the Lip Mask. Feel free to apply a thick layer (your lips will turn a little orange) and leave on for 15-30 minutes. Then take it off with a tissue. You can also go to sleep with it: you will wake up with silky soft lips. Use the mask four to five times a week, ideally in the evening. Then your lips won't have any 'distractions' (from eating and drinking).

Step 3: serum

Just because of the beautiful, glass 24K gold bottle you want Henné's Lip Serum. And OMG, the pure oil that comes out of this roller ball feels like silk on your lips. It will cost you a little, but then you'll have something too. The content? A rare arctic oil of cloudberry and lingonberry, mixed with powering ingredients such as rosehip, chamomile and argan. The ingredients stimulate the production of collagen and blur fine lines around your lips. For best results, use this lip serum twice a day, morning and evening.

Step 4: balm

Finally: the Lip Balm, available in a jar or as a roller. Whichever you prefer! You can use this lip balm as often and as much as you like, but you will notice that you only need a very small amount and that you don't need to lubricate that often. Because unlike with vaseline and petroleum, your lips don't dry out from this lip balm. Hooray!

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