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28 May 2019

How to: wash your face

From checking your skin type to exfoliating: in this section, BEAUTSY reveals all the secrets, facts and myths about popular skincare rituals. This time: washing your face. Do you do it right? 

This is one in the category: 'how difficult can it be?'. But, au contraire: there is a whole philosophy behind washing your face. If you wash your face the wrong way, it can be counterproductive for your skin. You're probably not even aware that you make the same mistakes every day. How you do it and which products you can use best, we explain below.

1. Choose the right product

Before you start regulating the right water temperature and other things, you must of course use the right product that suit your skin type. A block of soap is fine to wash your body with, but it's far too heavy for the sensitive and thin skin of your face. At BEAUTSY you'll find brands that offer cleansers for example sensitive, blemished, clogged and/or aging skin.

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2. Wash your hands

Your hands are the largest gathering place for bacteria, so it's a good idea to wash your hands before touching your face. Otherwise, it's like washing the windows with a dirty sponge. Not that great. Soapwalla's soap bars clean and soften the skin and are fine for even the most sensitive skin types.

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3. Check the water temperature

The temperature of the water you use to wash your face with is very important. Yes, really! Too hot water causes your skin to dry out and increases sebum production, too cold water will irritate the skin over time. The best way to wash your face is with lukewarm water. So don't wash your face in the shower!

4. Rinse well

Rinse well! If you don't, there will be a residue of soap or detergent on the eyes, which can clog your pores, cause acne or irritate the skin. The best way to rinse is with cold water: the cold water causes the pores to contract, so that your skin is better protected against external influences.

5. Pat, don't rub

Use a soft towel to dry your face. Do not rub, as this will damage the skin cells of the top layer. Don't pat your face completely dry, but keep it a little moist. Oh, and make sure your towel is clean: otherwise you can start all over again.

6. Apply a face serum

A serum is a concentrated, light-textured product that contains a high dose of substances that are ideal for tackling skin issues (such as dark spots, aging or redness). A serum is not meant to protect your skin from external influences, so look at it as an addition to your day cream or moisturizer.

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7. And then your moisturizer

Ready? Then apply a moisturizer. A moisturizing cream mixes with the remaining moisture on your face and ensures that it is well absorbed by your skin. Nectar Organics has one especially for dry skin and for the extra sensitive skin under the eyes. 

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8. Don't wash too often

Washing your face will remove dirt and dead skin cells and keep your skin well hydrated and silky smooth. But washing your face twice a day is enough: in the morning when you get up and in the evening when you take your makeup off.

9. Moderate scrubbing

Scrubbing or exfoliating (one with a coarse grain, the other with a fruit acid) is great for removing your dead skin cells, but don't do it more often than once a week. Scrubbing can quickly lead to irritation, redness and acne. The best way to exfoliate is to use a clean washcloth with lukewarm water in circular movements over your face.

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10. Don't use facial wipes

Okay, maybe it comes in handy during the occasional one night stand, but facial wipes are not super effective on your skin. Using soap and water will wash the dirt off your face, but using a cleaning cloth will only move the dirt. You can use the wipes to remove your makeup, but still use a face wash.

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