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26 Apr 2021

Clean beauty picks under € 20

The flea market ain't gonna happen this Kings Day - unfortunately. Still feel like scoring a good deal? Get your heart on our clean beauty picks under € 20. The best quality clean beauty at an affordable price - it doesn't get any better this King's Day!

1.Salt & Stone Lip Balm SPF 30 - € 5

Finally, the sun is shining more often! Grab your SPF, also for your lips. This natural lip balm full of vegetable oils, beeswax and 8% protective zinc oxide protects the skin of your lips against UV radiation. Because yes, your lips can get sunburned. A little side note: that's no fun. So add this beauty by Salt & Stone to your shopping cart.

Salt & Stone Lip Balm SPF 30

2.Soapwalla Activated Charcoal & Petitgrain Soap Bar - € 14

Charcoal purifies, bamboo exfoliates. Conclusion: this vegan soap bar from Soapwalla is a star at cleansing and smoothing your skin. The bamboo extract balances the skin barrier and leaves your face and body softer than soft.

Soapwalla Petitgrain Soap Bar

3.Plant Apothecary Get Happy Organic Body Wash - € 20

Who doesn't get happy with peppermint and geranium? This tingly fresh and 100% natural body wash will have you singing in the shower. The essential oils in Get Happy not only smell divine, but also nourish and moisturize your skin like the best of them. And that eye-catching bottle should be seen on your bathroom shelf.

4. Soapwalla Original Deodorant Cream Mini - € 19

Never used a cream deodorant before? Try this mini version of Soapwalla's bestselling Original Deodorant Cream and you will be hooked. The plant-based powders and clays absorb super well, keeping you dry all day. Lavender and peppermint kill bacteria, leaving you fresh for the day. Are you hooked as we suspected? Then next time just score the full size of this winner.

5.All travel sizes from Rahua - € 8,50 – 13,50

Clever: in our shop you will find travel sizes of the bestsellers of Rahua. Perfect for traveling, but also if you don't know Rahua yet and want to discover it. Will you go for Hydration Shampoo, Body & Shower Gel or Voluminous Spray? Or go all the way with just all the mini's. Treat yourself, it's Kings Day after all.

6.Salt & Stone Face Stick SPF 50 - € 20

Smart girl know: SPF is a must. This handy stick from Salt & Stone has SPF 50, gives you a tan that adapts to your skin and is water resistant for 80 minutes. The 100% natural sunscreen contains shea butter, cocoa seed butter and vitamin E, so it keeps your skin nice and soft and nourished. Belongs in every handbag!

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