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23 Dec 2019

A December to Remember...

Because soon something very special is about to happen. Founder Jessica and sweetheart Pascal are expecting! Our first BEAUTSY baby is a fact and we couldn’t be more excited. Congrats to the both of you!

Photography: Alexandra Ooms

Mini is expecting around the end of February, until then Jessica is enjoying her highly pregnant belly. Of course this includes a clean beauty routine, because especially when you are pregnant you have to pay extra attention to the things you eat, drink and apply on skin and body. Curious what Jessica uses in terms of facial and skin care during her pregnancy? Discover her clean beauty routine below.


"I have rosacea, a chronic skin condition which causes red skin and dilated blood vessels. Since I switched to clean beauty I hardly suffer from it anymore, but during my pregnancy it came back again. So that means only one thing: take very good care of my skin! I start with a shower every morning. But because I don't want to wash my hair every day, I use one of the cute shower caps by SHHHOWERCAP - The Minx is my current favourite. I am a loyal fan of the shower gel Be Well by Plant Apothecary. I wash my hair with the Hydration Shampoo by RAHUA, followed by the Hydration Detangler. I wash my face with Nectar Organics’ Foamy Cleanser and after showering I spray Agent Nateur's Holi (Water) on my face. For my armpits I use N3 deodorant by Agent Nateur."

After showering

'For my skin, I use the Skin Prep by Hynt and Merme Berlins’ Advanced Eye Therapy eyeroller to get rid of my puffy eyes. Your bestie if you suffer from insomnia during your pregnancy! Then the Sun Prep, also by Hynt - a sunscreen that you can use during pregnancy. I also use it as a day cream, because I don't want to use too many products on top of each other because of my rosacea. This is also safe to use under your eyes and for your décolleté.

I style my (dry) hair with the Hydration Detangler by RAHUA. But I must say that since I'm pregnant, my hair is actually in pretty good shape without the use of any product, haha! Finally, for my dry lips and cuticles, I use the The Concentrated Repair Balm by Soapwalla, a very nice balm to use during pregnancy.'


"When I wash my hair, I use RAHUA's Hydration Shampoo by RAHUA. When I take a bath, I use the Super Soak Organic Healing Bath bath salts by Plant Apothecary. I remove my makeup with Nectar Organics’ Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, followed by the face wash. Also, I am really hooked on the Holy Trinity by Agent Nateur: the Holi (Water), Holi (C) and Holi (Oil). If you suffer from sensitive skin or pregnancy acne (a blemished skin during your pregnancy), your face will be very happy with this trio.

Since I'm pregnant, I lubricate my belly and the rest of my body twice a day with the Pregnant Belly Oil by Soapwalla, from head to toe. Ideal for stretch marks! Although I change it up with the Holi (Oil) Body Serum by Agent Nateur, a body lotion that is also perfect for pregnant women. Finally, I pamper my skin weekly with Merme Berlins’ Deep Clean Facial Mask. A little tip: mix this mask with a little filtered water and a drop of tea tree oil. Your skin will become silky soft.”


"Normally, I don't ware makeup. But for a party, I do. I'll start with the Duet Perfecting Concealer by Hynt Beauty for my red skin, sometimes combined with the powder foundation by beMineral when my red skin is very bad. After that the Forte Definition Eyeliner and the Solare Bronzing Powder, also by Hynt Beauty, for an ultimate glow. I use Ilia's mascara, a clean beauty brand that I would like to have on board for BEAUTSY as well. To wrap up, a nice lip balm colour by Girl Smells. When I really want to go all the way, I use a nice lipstick by Axiology, another brand that I would hopefully have in my webshop soon!”

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