Products tagged with Biologische rozen deodorant

Agent Nateur
Holi (Man) N5 Deodorant
For your sweetheart, father, brother or grandfather, give him this natural deodorant as a gift. The Holi (Man) N5 deodorant not only looks luxurious, it also smells delicious: like roses, sandalwood, citrus and cedarwood.
Agent Nateur
Holi (Rose) N4 Deodorant
A rose garden under your armpits! Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose have joined forces to develop a sensual and exotic deodorant. The Holi (Rose) N4 is not only given a luxurious look, it also smells delicious.
Agent Nateur
Holi (Stick) Sensitive Deodorant
This Holi (stick) deodorant is not only given a luxurious look, it is also extremely sweet for sensitive skin and protects you against perspiration. The deodorant contains a subtle blend of wood, jasmine, bergamot and sandalwood.