Oily skin

Pigment spots, shiny skin? Your skin type is oily skin. What exactly is oily skin, how should it be cleaned, treated or cared for? Read on and check out below the best natural skin care products we have for oily skin.

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Do you have an oily skin type? Oily skin (especially on your face) is a direct result of increased sebum production. What is sebum? Sebum or tallow is a fatty substance produced by sebaceous glands in the skin. You need it, though: sebum has a protective effect against dehydration of the skin and hair and against infection by bacteria and fungi. If your skin is too oily, sebum production will accumulate. This happens especially around your nose, forehead, chin and cheeks: your t-zone. Oily skin is not a problem in itself, but it can be annoying when it manifests itself in pimples, blackheads or other impurities. Want tips on what to do against oily skin? Our biggest tip: cleanse well, day in and day out. If you want to reduce sebum, make sure you're using the right skin care products for oily skin. The best natural skincare is, of course, to be found at BEAUTSY. We have many products, but specifically for oily skin we don't have a lot in stock yet. However, Girl Smells Hydrating Hand Cream makes sure your (oily) hands get the right care.