It's Friday the 13th...

But it's still Friday, so still a good reason for a party. Therefore, BEAUTSY gives you a 25% discount on 13 selected items. This flash sale starts on Friday 13 September at 12.00 PM and ends on Sunday 15 September at 23.59 PM. Go get your goodies!

Linné Botanicals
Activate Exfoliating Body Wash
€51,80 €38,85
Bath time! This soapy body wash by Linné Botanicals is a very concentrated and nutritious product. You can use it daily in the shower or in the bath, but you can also use it weekly (as a mask).
The Ajax
€40,00 €30,00
Hit the shower! Have a shower party with these cozy shower caps by Shhowercap - without getting your hair wet. Because we understand that not every hair type is happy with washing it too often. Tip: You can just put it in the washing machine.
Plant Apothecary
Get Happy Organic Body Wash
€20,00 €15,00
Happy days! With the Get Happy Organic Body Wash from Plant Apothecary you will not only be awakened by the delicious essential oils and the smell of geranium and peppermint, but your skin will get exactly what it needs (and deserves).
GOLDA by Studio Cue
Black Soap
€20,00 €15,00
Shower time! The GOLDA Black Soap contains a combination of mica, bamboo charcoal and black lava salt that rejuvenates the skin and gives you energy. It also contains jojoba, avocado, grapefruit oil and essential oils.
Linné Botanicals
Scrub Exfoliating Face Mask
€71,25 €53,44
The Linné Botanicals Scrub is the key to success if you want to unclog your pores and renew your skin. In addition, the ingredients ensure that the production of collagen is stimulated and given a helping hand.
Plant Apothecary
Re: Fresh Organic Toning Facial Mist
€19,00 €14,25
Refresh! The RE: Fresh Organic Toning Facial Mist by Plant Apothecary nourishes your skin and refreshes it with soothing cucumber, rose water and aloe vera.
Hynt Beauty
Sun Prep Broad Spectrum SPF25
€65,00 €48,75
The Sun Prep Broad Spectrum SPF25 protects the skin against UVA and UVB radiation. This formula does not contain any chemical SPF and protects the skin while at the same time forming a base for your makeup.
Activated Charcoal & Petitgrain Soap Bar
Article code SBCHARC
€14,00 €10,50
Let's get soapy! Dive into the bath or shower with Soapwalla's Activated Charcoal & Petitgrain Soap Bar. The bamboo exfoliates the skin, softens and balances the skin barrier.
Linné Botanicals
Purify Face Wash and Mask
€62,50 €46,87
Dip it! This Purify Face Wash by Linné Botanicals is extremely sweet for your skin. It contains ingredients that are known to neutralize free radicals, soften the skin and stimulate the blood circulation.
Girl Smells
Hydrating Hand Cream
€32,00 €24,00
Girl Smells Hydrating Hand Cream makes sure your hands get the right care. The hand cream is soft, provides a subtle shine and cares. Thank you, on behalf of your hands!
Legendary Amazon Oil
€44,00 €33,00
Do you want a soft, shiny and anti-lint finish for your hair, preferably without too much hassle? The answer can be found in the plant and flower oil in the Legendary Amazon Oil by RAHUA. The word says it all: this oil is legendary!
Merme Berlin
Nourishing Body Remedy
€29,00 €21,75
Merme's Nourishing Body Remedy contains an abundance of vitamins and a high concentration of almond oil, which ensures that the skin is nourished and softened. In addition, it contains a blend of essential vitamins to combat dehydration and scarring.