Nectar Organics

Do you know the brand Nectar Organics? These products are handmade in Berlin and are not only free of alcohol, but also of parabens and perfume. If you have sensitive or extremely sensitive skin, then this is a must-have brand for you. 

Deep Cleansing Mask
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Mask time! Nectar's Deep Cleansing Mask is perfect for a night at home. It prevents impurities and cleans your pores. The mask is made of a soft water-based texture and clay and is bursting with antioxidants.
Under Eye Boost Treatment
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Short night? The Under Eye Boost Treatment serum from Nectar is the hero in your bathroom cabinet. The serum is packed with vitamin C, which not only reduces the dark circles under your eyes, but also improves the texture of your skin.

The products by Nectar Organics are full of natural ingredients that protect, heal and rejuvenate the skin. For people with very to extremely sensitive skin, this brand is a must! It is not without reason that Nectar's slogan is: 'the sensitive skincare brand'. Founder of BEAUTSY, Jessica, loves this brand because she also suffers from very sensitive skin. That's why she has made a big effort to please people with the same skin type and to give their bathroom cabinet a boost. To cleanse your skin, Nectar has three cleansers: one based on oil, the other based on milk and a silky soft foam. Choose whichever one you want! For your eyes, use the Gently Eye makeup remover and to remove the last dirt from your face (or refresh it in between) the Balancing toner. Then choose one of the two moisturizers to protect your face on a daily basis: there is an intensely moisturizing for an extremely dry face and a somewhat lighter variant. Do you prefer to use a serum? BEAUTSY has three by Nectar Organics: an antioxidant serum, a hyaluronic acid boost serum and one especially for mature skin. Be kind to your eyes and use the special eye serum. Let your skin repair overnight with the Night Repair Treatment, a night cream which helps counteract the first signs of aging. Finally, clean your skin once a week with the Deep Cleansing Mask, a face mask that prevents impurities and cleans your pores.