Merme Berlin

Merme Berlin is a pioneer in the field of skincare: all products from this natural, organic and vegan brand contain only one ingredient. From the Face Mist Spray to the Advanced Eye Therapy: you'll discover it in the BEAUTSY collection! Hand-picked by us.

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Merme Berlin is a natural, organic and vegan skincare brand from Germany, founded by Claire Raulston. Claire is originally from Australia, where she worked as a model in the beauty industry for many years. When she studied at the Australian College of Natural Beauty, she developed an interest in non-clinical and natural beauty. Ten years later, she came to the conclusion that even the 'natural' skincare and hair products in the cosmetic world are still full of chemical rubbish. She searched for ingredients that did do the skin good, moved to Berlin in 2014 and developed her own beauty line: Merme Berlin. The special thing about Merme Berlin is that there is only one ingredient in all products. Merme Berlin is a pioneer in the field of '1-ingredient skincare', with the focus on ingredients straight from nature. 100% natural and pure! Like almond oil in the delicious body oil (which nourishes and softens the skin) and rosewater in the Facial Antioxidant Mist, a face spray that moisturizes the skin without leaving a dirty layer on your face. The Advanced Eye Therapy eye roller is our best friend after a short night. Also, a hair serum is not missing from our bathroom cabinet. Finally, clean weekly with the Deep Clean Face Mask: the French, green clay mask works like a magnet and removes all bacteria and dirt from the skin.