Linné Botanicals

Botanical skincare: that's the core of Linné Botanicals. Products made from 100% natural and botanical ingredients. At BEAUTSY you score all the popular items from the beauty line: from the Purify Face Wash to the Renew Face Serum. Beam from the outside and from the inside!

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Linné Botanicals is named after the Swedish botanist Carl von Linné and conceived by founder Jenna Levine, who studied botany and alternative medicine. The formula of the products is formulated in such a way that it not only makes the skin healthier from the inside, but also from the outside. All ingredients in the products are of extremely high quality, making Linné one of the more exclusive brands that BEAUTSY has. All products are also free of aggressive plastics and dirt and nothing is ever added to change the color, smell or texture. The packaging is beautifully minimalist, with the occasional ode to the world-famous botanist with lots of plants and flowers on the packaging. Most of the Linné products you can buy at BEAUTSY are dedicated to skincare, but we have one for your bod: a soapy body wash which is highly concentrated and nutritious, to be used for your daily shower ritual or weekly as a scrub or mask. Linné's cleanser is extremely sweet to your skin, ideal if you have sensitive skin. With the face mist you always have a refresher in the house and finally there are three face serums to choose from: to balance, repair or renew your skin.