GOLDA by Studio Cue

Have you seen GOLDA's soap spheres? These fun soaps not only look incredibly cute, they also contain a very special ingredient: hinokitiol, made from the Japanese Hiba Tree. Cube Soap, Sphere Soap, Pyramid Soap, Black Soap: which one is your favorite?

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GOLDA was founded by Studio Cue in the heart of Topanga, a town in the west of Los Angeles County. Tsugu Wada and Keiko Matsuo are the founders of this brand, which offers a product line of soaps, beauty products and sustainable goodies on the market. All products are handmade with the best and purest ingredients, one of which stands out: hinokitiol. Hinokitiol is a rare substance, made from the Japanese Amori Hiba Tree. This tree lives for about 200 to 300 years and is praised for its beautiful citrus fruit notes and the natural, cleansing properties of this special substance. Hinikitiol not only rejects insects, it would also have purifying properties. GOLDA stands for the magic of this Hiba Tree and BEAUTSY has fallen in love with the soaps, which are available in many different colors and shapes. The Sphere Soap is the perfect refresher: it contains a combination of coconut, palm and olive oil that not only hydrates your skin, but thanks to the jojoba and avocado also acts as an intense conditioner. Golda's Cube Soap is your favorite friend for the evening. The Golda Pyramid Soap not only looks very cute: the combination of rose petals, coconut, palm and olive oil will nourish your skin intensely. Finally, the Golda Black Soap contains a combination of mica, bamboo charcoal and black lava salt that rejuvenates the skin and gives you energy.